Ministry for the body and soul

As a widow, I explore new ways to serve. My path over the years has become less difficult. I recall the first time I took pictures of this amazing rock window high up on the Catalina Highway above Tucson. I was more than a little scared to get out on the edge of the road with the guard rail touching my knees.  Over the years of driving up to on the Catalina Highway, I became less scared and took pictures with more confidence. The memory of how I became more skilled and less afraid helps me to realize that that I am becoming a new person with each experience.  The window in the rock

Many paths appear as difficult. Such as getting up to this rock window and then climbing through it. My husband and I often drove up Catalina Highway to Summerhaven to admire the mountain views. Over the years, I saw the gaping hole fill with growing bushes. I knew that getting up to it  would be a difficult climb perhaps even for a hiker. I imagined the view from there must be fantastic. I am not a mountain climber, so the task of getting up there is impossible for me. Yet, the window rock  continued to capture my imagination. In retrospect, the rock window serves as a metaphor for me. I can see the rocks opening up to the brilliant blue beyond, enlivening hope for me in this new state of my life. New horizons are opening for me, but there is effort involved and getting through the metaphorical rock window. l began a new career as hospice chaplain and after taking several training courses I began offering individual session in Life Coaching, Meditation and Spiritual Counseling. 

For more than two decades, I managed both private and public swimming pools, created aquatic programs, taught swimming classes for all ages and abilities, worked with people in the water  individually. I never lost touch with the body connection. In my  career as spiritual care provider I was aware of the intricate sacred connection between my body and my spirit. Caring for myself does not mean excluding or in any way diminishing the need for either one.  

My first step was to bring my body-practices in sync with my spiritual work.  For the past several years, I developed routines that became part of my spiritual practices. Early morning walking and praying became a daily habit. I meditate daily, watch http://offthelefteye and continue journaling. All my spiritual practices provide me with an internal defense mechanism I rely on when I feel anxiety and distress.  

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  1. Page Morahan says:

    thanks for sharing this major transition with us.

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    Welcome to your website on your new hosting at Inmotion!

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