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20090323_112321000_iOSSpiritual Direction and Pastoral Counselling may be right for you if you are experiencing spiritual malaise. A sense of discomfort with the way things are going in your relationships with friends, family, co-workers and most importantly if you feel disconnected form your innermost self.

Spiritual Direction,  consecrated time of your choosing devoted to  listening, learning and connecting to your innermost being.


Often our innermost needs display in our body. We yearn to feel content, happy and at peace. We may experience a host of emotions stemming form difficult circumstances perhaps resulting from our own actions or by someone’s treatment of us. You know these feelings because we all have them, anger, sadness, outrage, disappointment, jealousy, discontent, confusion.  Festering negative emotions rob us of peace and joy.

Healing from the chaotic avalanche of negative emotions and thoughts is spiritual and physical work. Spiritual in that it involves an honest but loving self-discovery. The second part involves developing a discipline of self-care. Spiritual Direction  may assist us to develop a plan for dealing with our spiritual discontent. Let us remember our emotional, mental and20150518_193620 spiritual states flow into our bodies. Spiritual direction and pastoral counseling may be helpful to develop a plan for spiritual and physical  self-care.

Self-care for body and soul  involves physical activities a balanced diet for  mind and body. Intentionally striving to live the Golden Rule in our daily activities is the good starting point. Finding inspiration in beauty wherever we are is a great way to recover gratitude and joy in our lives.










04 A Meditation In Bells and Wind Chimes
“The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.” Psalm 18:28